Zen Family Spa & Reflexologi – N0.1 di Bandung kini hadir di Jakarta

Zen Family Spa & Reflexologi – Spa can be everywhere …But the best spa come from the best

Balinese Relaxation Massage

This refreshing massage treatment uses aromatic oils and a relaxing water flow massage technique that vitalize long strokes, skin rolling, thumb and palm pressure to relieve stress, stimulate the senses and recharge your body, mind and spirit.

Indulgence Foot Relaxing

This massage treatments restore energy massage levels and relieves muscle strain, it stir up a sensation of deep relaxation and is the perfect treatment to gives legs and body a new lease of life and put the spring back in every step taken


Jl. Gunawarman 43, Kebayoran Baru

T:+62 21 7262375 | F:+62 21 72791514 | E: zen.jkt@gmaiLcom


Ji.Sukajadi 182

T: +62 22 2039177 | F:+62 22 2034003

E: zen.bdg@gmail.com

JI. RE. Martadinata (Riau) 34 ! T: +62 22 4241303

*jasa sebar brosur telah di percayakan kepada http://www.sebarbrosur.com


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